Friday, 4 November 2016

Twisty Circle - Crazy AA Game

Twisty Circle is one of the best spinning circle strategy Android game

Twisty Circle is a free, addictive strategy game that tests your reflexes to the extreme level.

Twisty Circle - Crazy AA Game

Twisty Circle is a pin circle game, where the user has to pin each and every dot to the spinning wheel using simple finger tap control on your touch-screen Android mobile phones.

I assure you, this aa type game is far more, better and different than the classic circle type games that have annoying navigational, jumping and bouncing controls!

Twisty Circle - Crazy AA GameTwisty Circle - Crazy AA Game

Being a gamer, I know what we people are looking for, a game that can make our brain blown and as per different medical studies, it is found that gaming is one of the best brain exercises that one have to do.

Coming to the point, below given is the helpful information to know how to play this game and what are its features.


  • Tap on the screen to shoot the pin to the spinning circle.
  • Pin the dot in such a way that it must not collide with adjacent pinned dots.
  • Each level requires a certain amount of dots to be pinned to complete the level.

At the start, it seems to be simple though as the gameplay succeeds, the number to pinning the ball increases, the rotation may be quick or slow, the spin direction changes clockwise, anticlockwise or both, that's what makes it hard though addictive in nature.


  • Single tap twisty gameplay
  • Unique minimal art style
  • No complicated rules
  • Simple to learn yet hard to conquer
  • Improves patience and promptness
  • Twisty Circle is color blind friendly
  • Leaderboard to challenge your friends
  • Full of addictions, suitable for both Adults and Kids

Hooking in spinning circle with perfect timing will complete the level more quickly, but with just single wrong tap level goes failed, This will test how patient you are and also improves your aiming capabilities.

Twisty Circle - Crazy AA GameTwisty Circle - Crazy AA GameTwisty Circle - Crazy AA Game


  • Free to play
  • Simple, thoughtful gameplay
  • Stress reliever
  • Addictive1200 levels

Can you beat this impossible rotating circle? What level can you get to? Download right now and spin the circle to find out.
Download Twisty Circle - Crazy AA Game for Android